Course Details

Provisional course lengths and climb, subject to final planning and controlling.

Course Men Women Length Climb
1 M21   6.3Km 190m
2   W21 5.3Km 200m
3 M35, M40   5.8Km 200m
4 M45, M50   5.5Km 170m
5 M18, M20, M55 W35 5.1Km 150m
6 M60 W40 5.0Km 165m
7 M16, M65 W45 3.9Km 130m
8 M70 W18, W20, W50 3.8Km 140m
9 M75, M80, M85 W16, W55, W60, W65 3.2Km 105m
10   W70, W75, W80, W85 2.5Km 80m
11 M14 W14 2.8Km 90m
12 M12 W12 2.3Km 70m
13 M10 W10 1.9Km 55m
14 White   1.4Km 55m
Orange     2.3Km 70m
Yellow     1.9Km 55m
White     1.4Km 55m