Rushmere Country Park - 6th March 2022

Final Details Version 2.0: M1 closure details and storm damage notes added.

PDF version of these final details

Please ensure you comply with all Covid restrictions active at the time of the event. In particular, do not attend if you suspect or know you may have Covid or are required to be self-isolating.

Welcome to Rushmere

The East Anglian Orienteering Association welcomes you to Greensand Country. Approximately 125 million years ago this area was in a tropical shallow sea! Sediments were deposited which eventually became compressed into the Greensand rocks which define the landscape we now see. Greensand is more resistant to erosion than the softer clays that surround it leaving a prominent ridge and giving us the undulating, diverse and well drained terrain to be enjoyed at this Middle Distance Championships.
Many hours of planning and preparation have gone into staging this event and we are very grateful to all those who have stepped forward to take on official and helper roles. Please remember that all events such as these are planned and run by volunteers who deserve to be treated with respect by all competitors.

Travel and Parking

Travelling by car

Highways England have announced closure of M1 southbound between J15 and J14

The M1 southbound between junctions J15 and J14. Roadworks are planned. From 21:00 on 4 March 2022 to 06:00 on 7 March 2022 lanes 1, 2 and 3 will be closed. Delays expected to be in excess of 3 hours and/or complete road closure. Please find alternative routes if you are travelling to the event from the North and ensure you have allowed enough time in case of traffic.

Car parking is at:
Address: Rushmere Nurseries, Bragenham Lane, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 0EE.
What3words: conspire.dollars.plausible
Grid reference: SP 911 279
All competitors must park here and must not attempt to enter the country park through the public gates.
Competitors are advised to approach the event from the East via the A5 and then to the village of Heath and Reach. The event will be sign posted from the start of Linslade Road in Heath and Reach village. From here travel 1km along Linslade Road, past the entrance to Rushmere Country Park to the turning for Bragenham Lane. Turn right into Bragenham Lane and continue for 350m to a turning on the right into Rushmere Nurseries. Motorhomes will be directed to park in a hardstanding area. Those with 4 x 4 vehicles may be directed to certain areas of the parking field.
Please drive slowly with care and attention in the car parking area. Please listen to and obey the instructions of the car park marshals. No liability for incidents in the car park will be taken by the landowner. Please make sure that all dogs are kept strictly on leads in the car parking area. There are horses and ponies in adjacent fields which could easily be scared by dogs.
Bragenham Lane is quiet but very narrow so please be aware of other traffic. All cars must arrive by 12.30pm and competitors may leave after 12.30pm.

Travelling by public transport

The nearest train station is in Leighton Buzzard. The 150 bus runs from Milton Keynes Train Station to Aylesbury (via Leighton Buzzard Train Station) and the Heath and Reach Sheepcote Crescent stop is about 1.5km walk from the event car park.

Travelling by bicycle

You may enter Rushmere Country Park through the main entrance and park your bike in the covered bike parking area next to the event arena.


The arena field is a 700m (10 minutes) walk from the car parking field. There will be the finish, download, enquiries & dibber hire, toilets, catering and First Aid in the arena.
There will be plenty of room for club tents either side of the finish funnel, but very limited competitor shelter for those without club tents.
There will also be a string course available for young children.
CompassPoint will be there – please support them.
Atrena layout


There will be 8 toilets and a men’s urinal in the arena. NOTE: There are no toilets in the car parking field.


Dogs are allowed on leads in the car park and the arena, but not on any courses and not near the finish funnel or download please. Obviously any mess must be picked up immediately.


Please come to the event with clean orienteering kit particularly shoes.

Clothing and Equipment

Full leg and torso cover is compulsory. This means legs should be completely covered. There will be no clothing transfer.
All competitors are required to carry a whistle.
Waterproof tops could be made compulsory in exceptional conditions. If waterproof tops are made compulsory, there will be notices at the exit from the car park and at the arena. Competitors will be checked at the start for full leg and torso cover. Any refusal to comply will mean disqualification.

GPS Devices and mobile phones

British Orienteering Rules state that "Competitors are permitted to only use a GPS device to record data for use in post-race analysis." Anyone found breaking the rule will be disqualified. Mobile phones may be carried but should only be used in an emergency. Mobile phone coverage in the woods is good.


Competitors are responsible for their own personal safety and for assessing their own abilities to complete their chosen course.
  • must not run if unwell and should ensure that proper preparations are undertaken in the event of adverse weather conditions;
  • should report any concerns about missing competitors to Enquiries or any Event Official.
Parents and adults in charge of young people under the age of 18 years are responsible for their safety and ensuring that youngsters are fit and clothed for the conditions. Take great care in car parks and crossing road the park access road. Lost children should be brought to Enquiries.
Concerns about missing children should be reported to General Enquiries or any Event Official.
Lone travellers are advised to leave their car keys with emergency contact details at Enquiries (anyone else who wishes to may also use this facility).
First Aid is available at the Arena near the finish provided by White Star Medical Services. A member of the First Aid Team will go out to any injured competitors unable to make their own way to the finish.
The nearest hospital is Milton Keynes University Hospital, Standing Way, Milton Keynes MK6 5LD Telephone: 01908 995954

Cancellation Policy

This event is covered by the standard British Orienteering Major Events Cancellation Policy and Procedure and Cancellation, Curtailment and Refund Policy. Both are available on the British Orienteering website.


0900 Car Park opens
0930 Enquiries opens
1030 First start time
1300 Last start time
1400 Medals and Prizes
1500 Courses close
1530 Enquiries closes


As well as any general enquiries to point people in the right direction, car keys can be left, any trophies can be returned, lost or found can be reported. This should also be the first point of contact for any complaints or protests though complainants are likely to be directed to the organiser.
Please visit enquiries for the collection of any hired SIAC or SI cards.
NOTE: There will be no EOD (Entry on the day)


Competitors can expect a mix of heathland, runnable woodland and open parkland. This popular area has a well-maintained path network as well as some areas of intricate contour detail.


1:7500 scale and 5 m contours for all age classes.
Note: Control circles inner diameter 7.5mm
The map has been updated by survey 2021 & 2022 by Steve Hardy (SMOC) and Freya Askham (SMOC). Cartography by Steve Hardy.
The map is drawn using ISOM2017 and the north line spacing is 300m. Map size for the event will be A4, digitally printed on Pretex paper.

Storm damage at Rushmere

A considerable number of trees at Rushmere were blown down during Storm Dudley. Some have been cleared but there are also still fallen trees and some areas are taped off. Some paths are obscured by windblown branches. Please do not enter areas taped off for safety reasons.

Special features on the Map

BLACK X: Sculpture/artwork – many are sculpted benches.

Control Descriptions

Maps for all courses have pictorial descriptions printed on the front. Loose descriptions will be available in the start lanes.

Electronic Punching

The SportIdent system will be used for all classes and all controls will be SIAC enabled. Normal SI cards or SIACs can be used.
If an SI unit fails to flash and beep, use the backup pin punch to punch somewhere on the edge of the map.
Hired SIACs or SI cards must be returned at download after use. A charge of £30 will be made for lost or non-returned standard SI cards. The charge will be £65 for SIAC cards.


Shadowing (or competing as a pair) is not permitted on any age class course.
Shadowing (or competing as a pair) is permitted on the White, Yellow and Orange courses.
Persons shadowing may only do so after they have completed their own run.

Start times

It is expected that start times will be published on or soon after Tuesday 1st March. Any requests for changes must go to the Entries Secretary but it is most unlikely that a change will be possible.


M/W18/20/21 are block seeded according to the BOF elite seeding rules. All entrants are seeded.
M/W 35 plus classes are seeded (separated by 2 minutes from other seeded runners) based on the top 20 ranked entrants on each course.
M/W 14/16 are seeded using the 2022 Junior Seeding List.
There is no seeding for M/W 10/12.

Start Lists

These will be displayed in the Arena and at the start.

Route to the start

The route to the start is approximately 900m (10-12 minute walk) mostly downhill. The route to the arena from the car park joins the route to the start and will be well signposted. The route to the start crosses the Country Park access road and this crossing will be marshalled. Note that whilst being a busy road there is extensive traffic calming and traffic may only pass in one direction at a time.


All competitors have a timed start except for helpers, parents with split starts, and colour coded. Start times will not be changed at the starts.

Start procedures

  • Call up will be 4 minutes before allocated start times. SI cards and SIACs will be cleared and checked after call up in the first box. There will also be final safety instructions in this box for competitors to read.
  •  Loose control descriptions will be in the next box 3 minutes before starting.
  • Blank maps will be available in the box 2 minutes before starting.
  • Another SI card/SIAC check will be made as competitors enter the box 1 minute before starting. As far as possible there will be no instructions from officials and all are asked to keep quiet so that competitors can concentrate.
  • Competitors may step over the start line 10 seconds before their start time, but must not start until they hear the long beep from the start clock. There is no punching at the start for most competitors.
  • Competitors must take the map from under the box labelled for their course. They should check that it is the correct map for their course.
Please note that dibber check is compulsory for all competitors as this will act as a safety measure.

Late Starters

Start times will not be changed. There will be a late start lane to the right of the main start lane. Anyone arriving late for their start must report to a start official. If less than 3 minutes late, the start official may allow late competitors into the normal start lane in the correct place. Normal clears and checks must still be done. If more than 3 minutes late or going into the normal start lanes is not possible, late starters will have to use the late start lane. The start officials will decide on a time for starting which will be as soon as possible, but not within 30 seconds (60 seconds for seeded competitors) of another runner starting on the same course. Start times will not be changed, but late starters will be required to record their actual start time by punching in a start box.

Parents with Split Starts and Helpers with Open Starts

These competitors must report to start officials and must use the late start lane to the right of the main start lane. Start officials will allocate a start time. Clear and checks are done as for normal starters. A start official will get control descriptions if they are needed. A punching start will be necessary using an SI box held by an official. On courses with large numbers of competitors only where a convenient start time for a helper is difficult to find, helpers will be allowed to start on the half minute.

Colour Coded Starters

Colour coded competitors will have their own start lane to the right of the late start lane. Competitors will have a start time allocated and will be called up at the appropriate time, but they will still have a punching start. Maps for all colour coded courses will be available once competitors are in the start lane. These maps must not be seen by any other competitors. Any accompanying adults must either have competed already or not be competing.


















M35, M40





M45, M50





M18, M20, M55










M16, M65






W18, W20, W50




M75, M80, M85






W16, W60, W65





W70, W75, W80, W85






























Other dangers on the courses

Some slopes are steep and can be slippery.

Other users in the Country Park

The Country Park could be busy with other users. Visitors tend to stay near the central arena area but some will wander further away. Cyclists and horse riders also use the area. We have tried to warn other users of our presence in the woods but cannot guarantee that all will be aware. Please look out for fast moving cyclists in particular. Please try not to surprise horses and their riders – you should hear them before you see them. Many Country Park users have dogs off lead so could be a hazard.

Safety bearing

If lost, competitors should head south on forest paths until they either reach the arena or the start area.


The finish is in the arena. Competitors will run to the finish through a funnel in the arena from the last control. The finish will be SIAC enabled. All competitors must download even if they do not complete their course. There is no water at the finish or on the courses.

Map collection

Maps will not be collected at the finish. Competitors who have finished are being trusted not to show maps to others, and those yet to compete are being trusted not to try to look at a map prior to competing. Anyone found looking at a competition map in the arena where it is not obvious that they have already competed should expect to be challenged by an official. Any evidence of trying to look at a map or showing others a map will result in disqualification.

Results & Download

A SIAC off box will be available at download if competitors wish to check their SIAC has turned off.
Live internet results will be available by visiting
Local Wifi results can be accessed from

Complaints and Protests

Competitors should initially discuss any concerns they have with the Organiser, Planner or Controller, depending on the circumstances. If that does not resolve the issue, a written complaint should made on a complaint/protest form available from enquiries. This should be as soon as possible after the problem has been identified and in any case no later than 14:30. The Organiser will provide a written decision on the complaint. A written protest can be made to the Controller against the Organiser’s decision who will, if necessary, convene the Jury.

Prizes and medals

There are medals for first, second and third in age classes M/W 10 to M/W 80, and medals for first in M/W 85. There are additional prizes for first, second and third on the M/W 10 to M/W 80 courses and first in M/W 85 courses. Prizes and medals will be given out as soon as possible after 14:00.

String course

This activity are free and will be in the area of woodland north of the arena field. The string course has a Marvel Superhero theme.
To avoid photographs of juniors or at-risk adults being published please email the relevant name and bib number to the Organiser before the event.
Any person wishing to take photos or video showing children should register their details with the Organiser (contactable via Enquiries) before taking any such photos or videos. The Organiser reserves the right to ask people to refrain from taking photos or video. Photographers should read and comply with section 4.8 of British Orienteering’s O Safe Policy. It can be found on the British Orienteering website.


Planner: Michael Chopping (NOR)
Organiser:  Freya Askham (SMOC) assisted by Debbie Charlton (SMOC)
Event Safety Officer:  Clive Wilkinson (SUFFOC)
Controller: Jeff Baker (LOG) assisted by Steve Hardy (SMOC)
Jury members: 3 from Neville Baker (TVOC), Alan Rosen (HH), Roger Edwards (LEI), Graham Louth (WAOC)


Many thanks to The Greensand Trust, in particular, Paul Hirst and all the rangers for helping us to stage this event.
Many thanks to Richard & Helen Ramsbotham at Rushmere Nurseries who have been so helpful in providing the car parking for this event.
All the orienteers from East Anglian Orienteering Association who have worked together to put this event on.