Entries for Championship courses are now closed.

SIAC hire for the Sprints and Middles Weekend is free for Juniors who do not already own one. If you would like to take advantage of this, please reserve your SIAC when entering.

Entry on the day will be available for White, Yellow and Orange courses, while maps are available. Entries close at 12:30, or earlier if maps run out.

  • Seniors £12, Juniors £5



The event is covered by the standard British Orienteering major events Cancellation Procedure and Policy and Cancellation, Curtailment and Refund Policy; details here.

Entries can only be cancelled by contacting the Entries Secretary – Mike Godfree, DVO


Changes to Entry Details

You can amend your SI card number up to 28 August 2019; no other changes to entries will be possible via the on-line system after 28 August. If you need to register a change to your SI card after 28 August, please email the Entries Secretary as above.



The British Middle Championships are open to members of the British Orienteering Federation and to members of IOF affiliated Federations. See Competition Rule B: British Middle Distance Orienteering Championships for further information on eligibility to be a British Champion – here.


Start times

Start times are between 1000 and 1400 for those using the Far Start. The Far Start is 1.2km from Assembly, with 80 metres climb.

For the Near Start (used by M/W 10/12 competitors, as well as White, Yellow & Orange entry-on-the-day courses), start times are between 1100 and 1300. The Near Start is 800m from Assembly, with 80 metres climb.

Competitors may state a preference for an Early, Middle or Late start, but the size of those three blocks on any course will be determined by the proportions choosing each block.

MW18/20/21 will be seeded for all athletes with fastest starting last, so start time preferences cannot be taken into account for those classes (with the exception that competitors may request to start earlier than their seeding merit, if needed). MW16 courses share MW18/20 courses, and will be starting as a separate class beforehand. Therefore, please note that MW16 starts will be only in the Early or Middle blocks.



There will be seeding for all classes except for M/W 10/12.

M/W 14/16 will be seeded based on the 2019 Junior Seeding list.

M/W 18/20/21 will be seeded in the usual way for elite competitors according to the BOF Rules.

M/W 35+ will be seeded based on the British Orienteering ranking list.  Up to 20 of the highest ranked competitors on a course will be seeded and will start at intervals throughout their chosen block.

Elite start times will be based on IOF and British Orienteering rankings, with top competitors starting last, competitors will not be able to request a later start time.