We hope you all have an enjoyable weekend of orienteering!

Final Details Version 5, September 11th

Travel update, Friday 13th September

You will notice some "Road closed - follow Diversion" signs in Chapel-en-le-Frith. Please ignore them; the diversion is not on the route to the event.

If you read nothing else, please note the following:

1 All traffic must approach on the A6015 from Hayfield (because of a sharp turn onto the track to Assembly).

2 Please arrive by 12:30 and leave after 13:00.

3 Uncrossable walls are marked with a thick purple line. Please use marked crossing points, which may be a stile, gate or a temporary stile. Please show consideration to the public and your fellow competitors, and report any damage to Download.


  • Shorts are not permitted.
  • There are many crags in the area, please take care.
  • The competition area lies at 400m above sea level: please dress appropriately.