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Splitsbrowser graphs are here and Winsplits are here.

RouteGadget maps are available at either for the courses using 1 to 10,000 maps, or for courses using 1 to 7,500 maps.


TrailO results

Here are the results of the TrailO event.

Elite Course:

Elite Results:

Standard Course:

Standard Results:

Time Controls:


E7 was voided because you get a different answer depending on what you anchor yourself on. Those who saw the concrete pillar and the position of the ride behind it got C. However, taking a bearing from the path bend pointed more than 20 degrees to the right, missing both kites by over 5 metres, suggesting Z.

Planner's Commentary - Elite :

Planner's Commentary - Standard:

Time Control 1 Splits:

Time Control 2 Splits:


British Middle Memory String Course Results
British Middle Memory Game



Photos were taken by a number of individuals at the event, below are a few links to shared sets: