Update - Courses very full!


Courses 4, 8 and 9 are very full.  No more late entries can be accepted for courses 4, 8 and 9 unless new entrants are willing to have start times in the minutes before 1030.  Any requests for start time changes on these courses are also unlikely to be possible.  Other courses will also have restrictions, but not quite so bad.

Editing entries

Entries cannot be edited by entrants after midnight on 10 Sept except for changing SI numbers and any payment of extra fees.

Changes to entries

Any requests for changes, other than SI numbers, must be made by email to the Entries Secretary - entries2017@britishmiddlechamps.org.uk.  There is no guarantee that changes will be possible.  Start time change requests can be made, but they may not be accepted.  Changes to a later start time are very unlikely to be possible.  There will be a £2 charge for any change allowed.  If a change request is allowed and a fee is payable, entrants will be asked to log in again to pay the extra fee.  There is likely to be a delay in replying to requests particularly in the week after entries close whilst start times are being allocated.
No emails about changes received by the Entries Secretary after 1800 on Wed 27 Sep 17, or on 28/29 Sep 17 will be acted upon.  No entry changes for the Middle Distance Championships can be considered at the Sprint Championships on 30 Sep 17.  Any requests after 1800 on 27 Sep 17 must be made in person at Age Class Enquiries on 1 Oct.  Apologies in advance for this strict procedure, but it is necessary so that the Entries Secretary, Organisers of both events, and SportIdent can get everything done correctly.

Late Entries

The official closing date for entries was 10 Sep 17.  Later entries may be allowed if there are maps and start time slots available.  A waiting list will soon be started.  Anyone wanting a late entry should enter in the normal way through www.sientries.co.uk  Requests will be placed on the waiting list pending a check that maps and start times are available.  There is likely to be a delay in replying to requests particularly in the week after 10 Sep 17 whilst start times are being allocated.  No money will be taken until it has been confirmed that entries requested are possible.  If accepted, a message will be sent asking such people to log in again and pay.  The deadline for logging in again and making payments will be 2359 on Wed 27 Sep 17.  The cost of these late entries will be £28 for seniors and £15 for juniors.  The waiting list will close and there will definitely be no entries accepted after 1800 on Wed 27 Sep 17.  No EOD will be possible for age class/championship courses.

Any colour coded entries can be made in the same way up to 1800 on 27 Sep 17.  It will not be possible to enter between 28 and 30 Sep 17, but while there are maps, there will be EOD for colour coded courses.  Costs for colour coded entries will be £12 for seniors and £6 for juniors up to 1800 on 27 Sep 17 and for EOD.